Bathing in healing salts is profoundly grounding. It relaxes and purifies the body, allowing it to connect with soul, which in turn revitalises the spirit. When these three aspects are in harmony, we feel balanced, centred and relaxed.

Many people who have trouble sleeping or feel overloaded with stress find the Pink Himalayan Salt Blend to be hugely beneficial. It contains 84 different trace minerals and its many beneficial healing qualities include:

Cleansing the whole system . Improving hydration to the skin and relieving skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema . Reducing muscle cramps and fatigue by improving minerals and hydration . Relieving arthritis and joint pain . Balancing the hormones . Balancing blood pressure, whether low or high . Acting as a powerful antihistamine . Supporting thyroid and adrenal function . Improving energy levels . Improving sleep by supporting blood sugar and hormone balance

The Pink Himalayan Salt Blends are available in Rose Garden, Herb Garden and Forest Garden in beautiful 600 gm glass jars. 300 gm and 150 gm refill bags are also available. We encourage recycling and avoiding plastic wherever possible and will happily refill your glass jar at our shop premises, for a discounted price. (Please see the price list for more details)