These elixirs come in handy 10 ml or 5 ml glass roll on bottles. They are made using a method which dates back to the ancient Egyptians, with Jojoba oil as the carrier oil instead of alcohol, making them gentle on the skin. Apply to pulse points and wear them as a scent, but also wear them as an ally to warm your heart and uplift your mood.


Eros being the God of love and rose being the flower of love, this elixir evokes love, passion and mystery. It combines sweet smelling rose with the woodier notes of palmarosa, exotic scent of rosewood and a hint of white oud and ylang ylang.


This scent is strong, earthy and exotic. It is for men and women. It combines the base notes of cedarwood and oakmoss, a hint of oud, mid notes of lemongrass and clary sage with top notes of cypress and rosemary. It is strengthening and empowering.


This scent takes you to the heart of an orange grove. Top notes of sweet orange and petitgrain with the joyful mid notes of neroli and lavender, grounded in the chocolaty base note of vetiver. This elixir warms the soul and uplifts the spirits.

Bespoke Scent Blends are available on request